Physical Security

Our services include:


Access Control:

Manages who can enter a specific area.


Alarm System:

Alerts to potential threats or emergencies.


Pull Cord System:

Enables calling for help with a cord.



Facilitates two-way communication in a building.



Signals the arrival of visitors at a door.


Wireless Network:

Connects devices to the internet wirelessly.

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Alarm Systems:

Stay ahead of potential threats with our state-of-the-art Alarm Systems. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or business, our alarm systems offer 24/7 monitoring, instant alerts, and rapid response in case of any security breaches. Rest easy knowing that ESA Security Services is always watching over you.

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Access Control:

Control who enters your premises with our Access Control solutions. From card access systems to biometric recognition, we provide the tools to manage and secure access points efficiently. Protect your property, employees, and assets with our tailored access control solutions.

Pull Cord Systems:

When safety is your priority, our Pull Cord Systems are your ideal choice. These systems are designed to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations. Whether you’re in a healthcare facility or a senior living community, our Pull Cord Systems ensure help is just a pull away.

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Our Doorbells go beyond just announcing visitors; they provide a window into your surroundings. With features like video monitoring and smart integration, you can see and interact with visitors from anywhere. Enhance the safety and convenience of your home or business with ESA Security Services.


Communication is key, especially in security. Our Intercom systems enable seamless and secure communication between various points within your property. Whether you need to verify identities or simply communicate with someone at the door, our Intercoms make it easy and efficient.

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Wireless Networks:

In today’s connected world, a secure and reliable wireless network is essential. ESA Security Services offers cutting-edge solutions to create, maintain, and protect your wireless network. Enjoy high-speed internet and ensure that your network is safe from cyber threats.